Distribute your mobile app to the consumer at the point of sale.  A warm handoff from sales representative to consumer assures you a better customer.  

App Installs

Get your music out through our large network.  We have an audience waiting to hear your work.  Within a small timeframe we can get your music heard.

Audio Installs

Video Installs

Give your movie/video/show exposure to millions of consumers in a short time frame.  New movie coming out?  Brand new TV show?  We can help!

Analytical Data

See where your application is being installed the most.  Who is the consumers carrier.  Download to install conversions and more.

Geo Targeting

Improve your ROI by geo targeting. Focus on a region, state, county, or cities.  By geo targeting you can target the areas where your app thrives the most.


Through our reporting tool you will have the capability to monitor all of your installs. See what time the request was made to what time your app was installed, location, and ESN/MEID that requested it.

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