AppFuzer provides a dynamic platform for mobile app developers to be able to showcase their apps to the consumer at the point of sale utilizing the wireless retailer channel.
Our distribution channel is a unique but very effective channel for mobile application distribution.  We use our direct relationships with over 30,000 retail points of distribution in the US and over 300,000 worldwide.  
We help solve two distinct problems. It is very challenging for smaller app developers to be recognized without strong marketing dollars or organically going viral. Wireless retailers are faced with shrinking margins on a regular basis. As ARPU drops and churn increases in a very competitive landscape, it is becoming more difficult to maintain growth and profitability.  We have taken these two problems and created one very unique solution.  We use the traffic going into cell phone stores to market the Apps.  These are customers who either already have a cell phone or are in the market for a new one.  Who better to market to than the consumer who just bought a new phone. 
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